Throwing and Breaking Things, with Planning

L is to turn 14 years in age, in around two months, and is a tall child, even at 13, with the height of over 6 feet. He appears to even have proper strength in him, in concomitant with his height, as is seen in his shared videos. His parents are absent from his life, by decision, and he lives with his paternal aunt, since the age of one and a half years. During pregnancy, his mother had conflicts with his father, and had the thoughts of rejection towards the child. As a child, when once he cried a lot, the mother sent him to sleep at the house of another lady. He wasn’t even pampered in all probability, at any time.

The child comes with moderate to severe autism, as per diagnosis, and it began at eighteen months of age. He got all his vaccines till then, though with MMR, there came the initial downturn, and by 2 years and 2 months of age, it turned to proper situation of autism. He lost his speech too, though it got recovered at the age of 4, and at present he can structure sentences up to twelve words, and can express feelings, needs, and sometimes can also tell what he has done. He doesn’t engage in a fluent conversation and even his tone is linear or monotone, despite expressing feelings.

The complete case is shared here..