Here are the testimonials of the good work done by Varun. And these certainly are in addition to Featured Cases, the ones which present detailed path of healing.
Mother & Daughter: Can't Stay in a Room
I have been working with Varun since 2013 to help me and my daughter, and I've overcome many digestive, physical and mood issues. Through his guidance we have seen a steady rate of improvement in both of us. Before he began helping us, my daughter and I were completely off-balance. As an example, my husband would have to put us in separate rooms when he got home from work because we had fed off of each other so badly. My daughter and I had numerous food sensitivities ...
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Vaccine Damage, Autism
I am feeling very delighted to write a testimonial regarding our experience with Varun, in recovering our child. This testimonial is solely based upon my views and experience, and not influenced by any other person.
I am mom and a homeopath, whose kids got diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and one of our kids is completely recovered now. I know how difficult it is, and therefore I don't even want to create any false aura. Please, listen to your inner instinct and follow what is good for your kid.
I know lengthy testimonials are boring to read, but I am sure if it’s a story of recovery, then it’s surely is an inspirational and interesting one, and everybody wants to know it in detail.
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