Speech Delay, Autism

Call it a case of autism or just speech delay, see here, though many of her things points to autism to some or the other degree. The need of course was to find the right remedy or remedies, as per the affected energies, and solve the case. In autism, the method simply is to find right remedies on other leeds, than autism. Sad again how many don't do it, and parents and child remain mired in a lifetime stigma.

The parents contacted Varun on his email. Began with medicine on July 14, 2012, initially with a single medicine in a very normal potency. They even stopped Cease therapy they were going on his explanations. Further, in around two months they even went back to normal diet, than following the cfgf diet. No supplements were prescribed, and nor even any other fears like yeast, parasite, etc were stuffed up in their minds.
(In parents' words, with minor typo/grammatical edits)
(Side by side feedback being posted, in real time)
September 4, 2012
We are giving her medicine once in 10 days.
Sleep: As usual she is been sleeping good without waking up in the middle.. We saw little changes here. Once her sleep was improved she continued to sleep well.
Responding to Name: Her responding to name has increased a lot. We are able to get her attention a little better than before when she is busy playing or watching cartoon. Before it was impossible to get her attention. We had to switch off TV, or get her toys off, to get her attention.
Receptivity: She seems to understand a little better to what we say but she still does not understand many words. We are trying to repeat several times the word and the object.
Imaginary play: She still does not understand how to play with dolls or any other toys which requires a little imagination. We tried several times to teach her how to play with doll, give her sleep, give her milk, etc, but she does not seem to understand. We are trying continuously. She only likes to play with blocks, puzzles, etc, which does not require any imagination, just matching shapes/objects/colours etc.
Speech: Continuous blabbering repeating the same set of words, ammma... apppaa..... atthhaaa... etc, but no context.. she does not always call us by name if she needs something. Sometimes she does.
Irritation/Moody: She still gets sometimes irritated if we continuously try to teach or tell her something to do. She shouts/screams and tries to run away from us. Some of her irritations have reduced but not completely.
Commands: She sometimes follows commands sometimes totally ignores them, or sometimes even gets irritated if we repeat the command 2-3 times. Like if we say "remove your shoes", sometimes she does immediately, as if she completely understood. Sometimes she totally ignores what we say, and even gets irritated, screams if we keep on saying the same thing to her.
WE definitely see gradual improvements.
All great improvements and complete cure too was not far away, and just needed some time...
September 24, 2012
We have some good things to share with you.
She now wants us to read books for her. She points at the objects in the book and asks us what they are. Her way of asking is just look at our face and wait for an answer.
Her understanding of words has improved a little but still no speech. Only a lot of blabbering.
October 22, 2012
We are seeing gradual improvements in other areas; however, her speech part remains the same. It does not seem to be improving. All her behaviour issues are improving though.
Parents definitely will feel tense for speech, though cure flows from mind to speech, and not from speech to mind, as cure path is from a more important organ to a less important one. Hering's Law of Cure tells more on this.
The cases wherein speech comes but mind is still autistic, is suppression via wrong medicines in the worst form. Here what’s happening is cure. Autism cases do take around an year for complete cure, provided the deteriorated layers are less, and all are tracked on time. Just because the layer which was causing her speech issues predominantly, got found later, that's why things got a little delayed on this front.
To tell, more layers were found as the case progressed. As the case was not something like of too much hotchpotch and emergency issues, as with other autism cases, that's why too it was a little calm track of layers. It was Tuberculinum in the beginning, and the medicine did quite good improvements, as can be seen too. Phosphoric Acid was the next layer, found in September, 2012, and Capsicum Annuum 30C was the third one needed. The fourth layer was found in December 2012, and then the case very well seemed totally tracked. More so, the speech factor mostly belonged to the fourth layer, and somehow that layer only got tracked in the end.
(The total fee charged for the case - 75 usd. Medicines were got/ordered by the father himself, from a reputed pharmacy.)
(After side by side feedback, in real time)
Now the cases are cured by finding proper Major Constitutional Layers, whether one or more.. And not as per general layers..