Rocks on the Edge of Things, Autism

A case of a three year old girl. Apart from poor focus, being non-verbal and other autism issues, have a look at some of her a little unusual symptoms.
These specific symptoms are quoted verbatim, as written by her mother:
"She is not intimidated to walk up to a group of kids at the playground, and just sit in the middle of them. Wants to be part of the group. However intimidated in places with a lot of people (adults).
She engages kids by bumping into them. The strangest thing is when she would get excited to have a child engage her, she would bend down and talk to their shoes. Talk meaning babble. She LOVES other kids.
Rocks on the edge of things, it appears she is self-gratifying using her diaper, because of how intense she gets with it. No idea how a 3 yr old would know that, but that is how it appears. She started doing this in her highchair and carseat at 12 months of age.
Recently has started digging her chin into my face, when hugging me, or when it seems her emotions are intense and can't express them appropriately.
Always wants my hair down so she can hold onto it when drinking from her cup or when she is nervous or tired. My hair appears to be her security.
She appears to talk to and laugh at "ghosts". You can't get her attention when she does this, she is very focused but she appears to see things and find them funny."
A six layer deteriorated case, with the above things put together for one layer. Four layers were clear in the beginning itself, though the fifth and sixth one got in around three months.
What appears as self-gratification is actually the horse energy, a horse running at a high speed or she riding a horse. It's the same intense and fearless horse energy which makes her not fear even in intimidating places with a lot of people. The chin digging as if a horse digging her face, and more strikingly the engaging kids by bumping onto them, and then talking to their shoes, as if a horse taking her long neck downwards! On a lighter note, the security of mother's hair got matched to a horse's tail, as if an association of it, because of the very energy. Lac Equinum, the medicine made from horse's milk, also has a specific symptom of insane delusions, I mean for her appearing to talking to ghosts. Certainly, other physicals also matched, and all in all there remained no confusion to get on the medicine.
Medicines began on April 1, 2013, and the feedbacks are given below. The cure process a little faster, as compared to what generally happens, because the girl had no hyperactivity issues.
The list of six layers for the case:
1. Borax 200C
2. Helleborus Niger 200C
3. Lac Equinum 200C
4. Capsicum Annuum 200C
5. Ara Macao 200C
6. Aluminium Phosphoricum 200C
(Capsicum Annuum is generally a must needed layer in a right potency, in every case having more deteriorated layers. It binds the layers together.)
(The total fee charged for the case - 180 usd. Medicines were got/ordered by the mother herself, from a reputed pharmacy.)
(In parents' words, with minor typo/grammatical edits)
(Side by side feedback being posted, in real time)
April 10, 2013
We just did the third dose last night. So far since starting her bowels have improved, no more constipation and she goes pretty much everyday, and even a few times a day. She doesn't struggle to go anymore or cry when she does.
About 2 days ago I just realized her nose stopped running!! It had been running and stuffed up since January, rather even a bit before that! It is so nice seeing that pretty face without mucous being wiped all over it!!
She now will point to parts of the body when asked where is your..... She is also pointing to her sesame street characters, when asked where is elmo etc.
So we are hopeful......excited to see what is next!
We are still struggling with sleep and frequent wakings....any thought where something like that falls on the healing path?
April 11, 2013
Today when I picked her up from preschool her teacher was very excited, and said she was following along and doing things that she wasn't doing just last week. I could have cried I was so happy!!
April 24, 2013
Her teacher mentioned how excellent her eye contact has become. She also really took off with PECS. This is a picture system used for kids who are nonverbal or have minimal words. She is actually taking the whole PECS book and going through it to find what she wants which is unheard of so early on. Normally they give them 2 or 3 pictures to look at, and that is it in the beginning. They are blown away at how she is discerning between so many things and what she wants using the PECS.
Last night for the first time ever I had a catch with her!! I said "ready, catch the ball"... normally she just stares at me and the ball gently hits her chest....not this time...this time she put out her arms out and caught it!!!!! Then I said throw it back and she did!!! I texted her dad who was at work, and he was so excited as he always tries to play ball with her!
She started with a cold saturday and instead of being totally sick she has a barely there runny nose.... she is always super sick with a cold for a good 10 days.... i was starting to doubt it was a cold then my husband and i both started with it.....we both need to be treated by you :-)
She is trying to engage kids by getting in their face to make eye contact. Kids still don't know what to make of her... ha ha....but she is trying!!! We are just happy she no longer talks to their shoes!!!
My only "complaint" and it is not a true complaint because I am so excited with her progress is still bad sleep from her. As a mom who has had her past 3 years dictated by her daughter's sleep, it is something I am desperate for. I am hoping it happens soon BUT super excited with the progress we see so far.... less than a month and so many changes!!
May 17, 2013
We continue to see progress. You can now ask her what does a certain animal say, and she will make the sound. Before she would either just stare at you or repeat the word "say" as it was the last word I said. Today she said Hi and Bye when someone said it to her without being prompted to say those words.
Her bowels continue to improve which is great as she is not in as much discomfort.
We are also finally what feels like a path to sleep. Her waking up at night is getting less frequent, and I no longer have to rock her back to sleep. I hand her a cup with some water and she takes a little drink and gets back to sleep. I am hoping within the next month she sleeps through the night without me having to be in the room with her.
Her teachers are very happy with her progress, they comment that she is more engaged with other kids, she is using more words and eye contact is excellent.
May 30, 2013
Yesterday she got sent home with a note remarking the gains she is making. She is sorting 7 colored bears, and saying the name of the colors as she does it. She is also spontaneously greeting her classmates! She is starting to pee on the potty at school also!
Today she "graduated" from her other preschool class. She stood on stage with the other kids while a room full of adults watched them sing songs. This normally would have made her very anxious, but she stood up there looking totally relaxed....I was so proud of her!!
Tonight when eating dinner, she wanted to hold her own fork, that is a first!!
Also just now she opened our front door, and a couple was walking by with their little boy. Before I knew what was happening, she ran out the door and stood on our steps WAVING AND SAYING HI to them. It was so "normal", I cried. It was so amazing to see her initiate a normal social interaction. :-)
The next layer getting in on the next feedback. The reactions of the mother when told that she shouldn't worry on that, and how the hidden layer showed itself properly only because of others acting well.
June 26, 2013
I'm not too stressed, I kind of figured something else was showing up! So weird you mentioned food preferences, because her eating is very specific of certain foods right now and nothing else.
Exactly what I was thinking, we only found this because other things are healing. Ever since those stomach issues, her sleep improved which I believe both were in ...... (the remedy name was put here). Then two weeks or so later we see these new symptoms, another layer... very cool.
Fifth layer got in here, and soon the sixth one revealed itself. The constipation issues were on and off, and after the fifth one it finally got clear how it belonged to the sixth layer i.e. Aluminium Phosphoricum. Finally even the constipation issue started getting right. Feedbacks from the next day onwards after giving the medicine.
July 18, 2013
Lots of going to the bathroom now, thank you!
July 24, 2013
Yes, she is doing good. No new behaviors, but bathroom is better.
July 28, 2013
She has been very calm and patient today, only one tantrum.
Thank you, you have been a blessing!
August 9, 2013
I just came home from the store, my husband was watching her, and he said her speech has been super clear, and she even put a three word sentence together. So excited for the changes to come!
August 28, 2013
She definitely seems more engaged, and we are currently working on potty training. She is doing a lot better with that than I thought she would. She will be going back to school in a week, and I am anxious to see what her teachers and therapists say, because I feel like we are seeing changes within the past couple of weeks.
September 21, 2013
She's is doing well. She will say her age and name when asked now instead of repeating back what you just said.
Still not able to sleep alone, hoping that changes soon as the baby is due in January and my nights are going to get real tricky!
Cured Case
Count this as a cured case. The reason for no further feedbacks isn't right to be shared. The next doses, certainly handled by parents themselves, as it's repetition of doses. Though, one shouldn't do it, unless some dire circumstances, as time gap is to be increased rightly. The girl was already close to full recovery, as one can see from the progress too quite clearly.
Further, now the cases are cured by finding proper Major Constitutional Layers, whether one or more.. And not as per general layers..