Primer Fields
It came in December 2012, and radically changed the way we should look at the Universe.
David LaPoint’s theory of Primer Fields, the bowl shaped magnetic fields associated with all matter, takes away the need of associating Dark Energy with the expansion of Universe. It very easily even explains and rather practically presents the structure of the Universe. No convoluted theories which get over everyone’s heads, and just a very simple concept he has come up with, by thinking a bit differently.
If one can view even this one video patiently, his eyes will light up. Important parts (time-slots) in the video, even to make oneself interested, are - 7:50 to 8:41,   19:42 to 24:42,   27:07 to 27:40, and   30:04 to 32:09. The last time slot gives the proof of the assumption he begins with, please listen to it.
So, Dark Energy prima facie required to reconcile the total energy in the Universe, is not the reason behind the expansion of Universe, along with its structure. A great discovery, and I salute David LaPoint for thinking in a new way.
In my work I’ve mentioned about qualitative nature of Dark Energy. Rather I began with the term Qualitative Material Energies, and used this term almost everywhere. Dark Energy, the mix pool of Qualitative Material Energies, as I portrayed it.
Nowhere in my work I associated Dark Energy with the cause of expansion of the Universe. Rather I called it as a qualitative energy, and even mentioned it to be the mix of energies from where the matter is formed, the qualitative mix of energies from where matter originated.
So, as unnecessary clutter around Dark Energy and its properties gets shed, time has even come to move towards Qualitative Material Energies, a better term for explaining the very nature of Dark Energy!
✦ One must also understand, that whatever mechanism of working of homeopathy you carry in your mind, right medicine selection in all one layer deteriorated cases is not based on this. Wrong homeopathy, and giving medicine just for the sake of giving medicine, for palliations and suppressions of course, along with many wrong practices, with each homeopath having his own unique nonsensical ways, is quite rampant in homeopathy. Even for a simple case each homeopath has different analysis, and thus a different medicine, barring those few good ones of course. This thus is not a simple thing, which can be ignored easily.