Inisde Books

✦ The work provides for the first time what that energy is that is in homeopathic medicines, as though people say it could be electromagnetic energy, but no traces of it are found in homeopathic medicines. One should wait till section 2.1.16 to get the final feel of it.
A proper working on energy mechanisms of a medicine’s energy on us, along with another very easily understandable fact that we too are made of the same energies, has been provided. Nowhere it’s pointed yet that we too are made of the same energies, as in homeopathic medicines, and that’s the very reason for them to act on us. Things are really very simple, so go patiently and don’t think as per your preconceived thoughts and notions.
A proper account on layers, involving how it's one medicine in one layer deteriorated cases, and more for more, has been provided. All basis, reasons, and various laws governing more layers, not yet known in homeopathy, come across in a big way. Many new concepts like Supporting Layers, Basic Layer, Super Layers, will thrill one a lot.
✦ To put here as a special mention on the wrong theories, then it's in using only one medicine at a time, always. Though the reality is, if it’s the case of one medicine, then it’s one, and if more then more. If required we certainly can use two or more remedies together, but not in rampant or illogical ways, as there again are proper reasons and laws for it, which Varun has revealed.
(Varun's Public Cases too easily show how he uses one medicine many a time, but more too, as per the case. Though he generally takes one layered cases on such public forums.)
Even Samuel Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy, was for more remedies at a time, when needed, and also was to publish/write regarding it in the fifth edition of his Organon of Medicine. He however took that off because of the fears and attacks of conventional medicine propagators, and for not killing homeopathy at its nascent stage. Homeopathy was without any scientific evidence then, and even without any proper laws for using two or more medicines together, so, for the survival of one truth, he had to bargain with hiding the other. The complete story can be had from here. If things seem a little difficult in the document, one can begin by reading Aphorism 274b (Section 274b), and then scroll up and down as per one's interest.
✦ The work also provides a lot of information on dealing with difficult cases, along with the common and sophisticated pitfalls.