Homeopathy for Coronavirus

Here's some information about homeopathic medicine for Coronavirus, for both prevention and cure.. The good thing is that this medicine has cured a tough case of Covid, which otherwise would have needed a ventilator. The action of the medicine began at the right time, saving the person, and avoiding the must need of a ventilator, which would have been needed otherwise.

Later another case, wherein the person had lost the sense of smell and taste, also got cured by the medicine.

As per my research, this should be the single homeopathic medicine for Coronavirus, which can cure almost all the cases.. And it should really be tested by the government, in very right will and spirit..

Please see the detailed reasons for the medicine to be right, and dosage etc, in the links below,

1. Possible homeopathic medicine for Coronavirus

2. Aconitum napellus for Coronavirus



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