Featured Cases

Some of Varun's cases will be shared from time to time. This would make one aware of his abilities and caliber in dealing with all sorts of issues. Many such issues are either dealt with fears, or fashion statements, by various homeopaths, though again without providing any cure. Sadly, the sad world of poor practices is quite big.
The cases shared are as per real time feedback/improvements. Also, the cases shared are with proper permission from the respective persons. More cases too are running, though not on site.
Cases and Testimonials
We look for testimonials, and they certainly provide some good amount of information. They are provided here too, in the Testimonials page. Though still, short testimonials won't actually mean that much, unless shared in proper depth in very tough issues, like that of autism! Think on it...
If we would look into the shared cases, then many of the feedback sentences from parents can be taken as testimonials, i.e. they in themselves can be taken as testimonials. That way, the testimonials offered in the shared cases are rather much more, and with a much needed hidden information.
(Just to tell, the cases shared are more of autism, though Varun deals with all type of cases.)