Excessive Hyperactivity, Autism

A five year old kid with seemingly many issues, excessively hyperactive, lost in himself, lot of stimming, along with many unusual issues.
Some important symptoms and description of the kid, in mother's words:
"He has seen me writing and will take a pen and just scribble, but due to lack of concentration he does not do it for long. Due to his hyperness there is a little he will do for long, this includes eating and I have to bring him back to his chair and encourage him to eat.
He has been putting his hands in his nappy and smearing the feces!! So keeping a close eye on him. Just as I was typing this he went upstairs to his room, poohed, and his fingers were covered in pooh by the time I reached to him.
He tends to mouth everything. By that I mean every thing he sees, can lift, will end up in his mouth, and him chewing and eating the objects he should not. Even things he is unable to lift, he will bring his mouth to them and attempt to eat them.
He is hyperactive+++, he will climb, jump, run. He even managed to open the windows and jump out to the garden (now windows locked). He will climb up to the window seal, and walk along, or jump from that height. He runs so fast that I tend to joke and say - Usain Bolt has nothing on him, or that he is like Speedy Gonzales on speed.
He spins object and also throws all objects. We have had to remove any object he would throw, and hurt others with.
He continues to cover his ears to noises he does not like, like that of vacuum cleaner and some music sounds. At times I think my voices does the same to him, as when I attempt to read to him or talk, he will verbally stim louder than normal.
He verbally stims from the moment he wakes to the time he falls asleep. Sometimes this is as though he is singing a song. One of my sisters says he's singing lullaby on my baby, but I think he is just singing no words. Sometime he will say the actual word 'it time to go' 'mr thumble' 'all aboard' 'go to sleep' to himself, and when I say them back to him, he runs off, smiling, or he will ignore me.
He will take water bottle with water in it, and shake it and watch it.
He throws himself with a lot of force on his knees, sometimes it is so forceful that I fear he will break his knees (we have carpets and this helps).
He will chew the cushions, his clothes, pillow, his puffed dog he sleeps with, etc.
Moves his hand up and down his eyes, and it will be very close to his face as he does this, and it seems he does this a lot around his right eye.
In the corridor there is a mirror, he stops by and tends to verbally stim even more, and is louder when he is there. Once he's bored with this, or I ask him to stop, he will run back and forth in the corridor, verbally stimming all the time.
I tend to have the TV off as this makes him irritable, and he then becomes even more hyperactive, and verbal stims gets louder and faster.
Likes to pull the vacuum cleaner apart, and even when put away, will find and do the same. He will pull clothes, blankets, cushions to the floor. He will find where I put our shoes, and bring them out to put on his feet, and then throw.
If I turn my back to him in the kitchen, he will find anything like knife, spoon, pills, match sticks, and grab and run to the lounge, and throw them and try to eat them.
When we go to the park, he will only play on the swing, and one has to fight to get him off and leave the park. If he goes to the slide, he will go on the slide, but will use that to climb without holding, or he never uses the steps.
When we just go to the park for a walk, he tends to run off, and twice has ended up running in the stream. Now I use a toddler wrist strap when we go to the park (when its not raining or windy or snowing).
He likes to pour food on the table or floor, then eat on the run, and I've to always bring him back and keep saying him to stop.
He also seems to just want to touch one thing, and another, and another, and then drop to find more things to do the same thing.
When he gets tired of spinning things, he will go to other, put the object in his hand, and then move his hand about as fast as he can."
The case that looks so difficult on the first look, got till four layers, (though another one too was expected). At times others even seemingly quite less difficult cases have five or more deteriorated layers, but in this the issues were quite heightened in the lesser layers. The three layers were tracked right in the beginning itself, with the fourth one getting in a little later.
One of the layers can easily be seen to be Lac Caninum, the remedy made from dog's milk. Probably it's not even required to tell on the matches, and just a simple read on the symptoms shared above, though with a parallel thinking, can make one understand on it. As one would read calmly, how and in what way to compare with that parallel thinking, comes automatically.
While in the midst of doing Cease, they left it, as they got to know about Varun, and came for consultation.
For solution, apart from the right medicines, as usual no supplements were prescribed, and even it was said to get the kid on normal diet, gradually, as they see improvements.
Let's even put the feedbacks, as they have been. Medicines began on February 7, 2013.
The four layers that were found and given:

1. Helleborus 1M
2. Lac Caninum 1M
3. Capsicum Annuum 200C
4. Ara Macao 1M
(Capsicum Annuum is generally a must needed layer in a right potency, in every case having more deteriorated layers. It binds the layers together.)
(The total fee charged for the case - 120 usd, just the first fee. Medicines were got/ordered by the mother herself, from a reputed pharmacy.)
(In parents' words, with minor typo/grammatical edits)
(Side by side feedback being posted, in real time)
February 21, 2013
My sisters also noticed a slight improvement. He's NOT throwing things as much. He still goes from one thing to the next with no focus, but the best way I can put is the speed is reduced. He managed to go to a window seal in the past, he would walk along, and then jump from that height. This time he just sat on it. When I said to him to get down, he did it so nicely, and slid instead of jumping.
He still verbally stims, but ever so often he will stop, and watch tv without saying anything, which is great, as we get a bit of silence from him. He now also plays with vacuum cleaner, and switches it on and off, and somehow the noise is not bothering him as much, as that he just likes switching it on and off. He is also liking to seek people and give hugs.
For some unknown reason he will wake up at around 4 am, and refuse to sleep in his room, but once he gets in our bedroom and on our bed, he will sleep till 7-8am.
He is still spinning things, and sometimes will get one of us to spin while he watches. I have introduced sourdough bread from about five days, but I wanted to stop it, as he became so hyperactive!!! But I persisted, and he is alright with it now. It is good for him to eat some carbohydrate food, as the specific carbohydrate diet we are on, 80% of the time he refuses them. Before change of diet he used to eat pasta and chips a lot, so maybe in a while will reintroduce.
March 6, 2013
Just to let u know, he has now stopped smearing his pooh. For the past two week or so, first I thought it was just me being vigilant, and taking it off before he got the chance, but several times in the past five days, I didn't realize that he poohed, as it does not smell soooo bad anymore, and he has not even put his fingers in there, as he used to do!! So, an improvement!!! Still a lot of verbal stims, and a little over active!!!
Many thanks.
March 13, 2013
I gave him the dose which was to be given last night. He fell asleep soon after and is still asleep. Now he has been asleep for 10 hrs. Normally I've to give the supplement GABA, and 5-htp for him to sleep, or do Epsom salt baths, otherwise he will take forever to fall asleep, and would wake early if not given the things I mentioned.
The sound issue is gone and does not worry him at all. His hyperactivity is still present, but the speed is greatly reduced. His verbal stimming is still present, and every so often (1-3 times a day) he will make a high pitched sound, but will stop in seconds.
His bowel movement remains very good, at least once or twice a day, and no hands going in there!!!! We still have the putting food on table and floor and then eating it issue, but I notice his beef to put everything he sees in his mouth is more or less gone!!! Visual stimming is still very much present, and want things moving, by spinning or shaking them, this can include my leg, or his sister's bottle of water act!!
He wants big hugs and wants to sit on my lap, and still is sleeping in our bed, or seems to need me there for him to sleep, and now follows me everywhere in the house. Also another good thing is that we went to see his special needs worker, and when the visit was over and we were leaving, he came and found me, and put his hand in mine and we left. Previously he would have run off without a thought to his safety!! The doors there are locked, thank God.
March 13, 2013 (Second one)
I just had a wonderful 15 minutes where he was silent, I mean silent!!!! Since the age of about 2 yrs and 8mths, it has never bin something he can do!!!!!!!!
I was in kitchen preparing lunch, he was doing his verbal stims, I said shhhh, and for 15 minutes not a sound came from him. This is a child whom no matter what, will not stop verbal stims for a min or a second!!! I was crying and thanking GOD!!!
March 15, 2013
He has stopped banging his knees on the floor!!!! He does get up now on the spot, or shake his head several times a day, but compared to banging himself and his knees on the floor, I will take that!!!
He stopped that over two weeks ago, I forgot to let u know.
April 2, 2013
Gave him his dose last night. Again he went to bed soon after. He is slowing down, the speed is gone, but his behaviours remain!! He can every so often stay silent for short periods, and now responds to me when I call him. And he has gone back to echoing words, so if I say his name, he will say the same maybe for five minutes later, or any last word said by someone!! I have not used camel milk for over two weeks, and his bowel movement has remained good. His eye contact is great, and now he gets us to spin objects for him, or get food by putting objects in our hand, and taking our hand to go to the kitchen. He has always helped when putting on his t-shirt, but not trousers, and of late he will pull his trousers up! The sourdough bread has remained, and no yeast effect!!!
April 17 & 19, 2013
I gave him the dose last night as before. Today after many months of not going to the park (aside from it being cold and raining), I was worried, as he once ran off. While I tried to pull him back he fell down, so did I, and so did the buggy my daughter was in!!
So, today we went to park, and it was a good walk. He did try to run off, but stopped when I called him back. He did stop, and sit in the middle of the road, when he did not want to walk, but I can cope with that!! He has a little runny nose, but no temperature. He is also on the whole far less hyperactive in general!!! Phew!!! My head used to hurt just trying to keep up with him!!!
We went to park again yesterday, and that went well too!!! He is trying to say new words too.
May 10, 2013
He is finally brushing his own teeth with a little encouragement.
When he attended speech therapy he was able to sit for over 10 minutes!!!
He is still sounding out new words.
Today has been less hyperactive!!!
May 13, 2013
On asking a few questions on some symptoms on the last feedback, the reply that came, along with the answers on those symptoms.
Sorry for not getting back as my son is starting school, and I have been running around, going to see schools buying school uniform etc.
(After side by side feedback, in real time)
Now the cases are cured by finding proper Major Constitutional Layers, whether one or more.. And not as per general layers..