Developmental Delay, Autism

A case of developmental delay mainly, though getting a bit into autism too. No issues like hand-flapping, and other of the autism features, but mainly the kid presented with no motivation for anything, not interested in any activities, along with the features of developmental delay, like being non-verbal still.
Only one area of hyperactivity, and thus the issue of autism itself, is when he sees stairs, and people climbing or going down the stairs. Stairs make him super excited. He keeps on looking for ways to get to them, devising new ways to reach to them. Also, he fell from stairs a few times, getting a good amount of bleeding once.
A four year old kid, and also a 26 weeks premature baby. Was even on ventilator for several days, and doctors were not expecting he would survive, as his lungs were quite badly developed. Though, he defied everyone's expectations.
One of the peculiar features, as reported by parents. "Hates walking on grass, water etc. Walks on heels in such places." One of the videos showed his peculiar way of walking too, swaying left to right a little fast while walking, as if walking like a fish, I mean as if a fish gliding in water.
I had got to the very needed fish remedy even before opening the video, as I was analyzing the written material first. The walking style of the fish, sealed on the remedy. Paracanthurus Hepatus, the Blue Tang fish, the prime layer in the case.
One can call it Sankaran's sensation method, when the person himself can express it/the sensation. In such cases though, it's not necessary how that sensation, that "parallel analogy", that "energy expression", gets caught. The kids generally express it in routine, and the case description by parents, when asked in the right manner, helps in reaching to the right remedies. More so, it's not that just that parallel energy analogy helps in every layer, as apart from overtly visible symptoms, it needs a lot of indepth analysis, through right ways, to get to the right medicines.
Here's the proving info of the remedy. Type 'stair' in the Find feature of the browser, and see how much this remedy has proving relation with things happening on stairs! Further see some of the major themes in the remedy of being, 'Disengaged, Disconnected, Separated', 'Reluctance to Communicate', and 'Drugged, Dazed, Disoriented'. These were the very same issues the kid was presenting in his non-interest to do anything, as getting quite clear in the complete case description. Even the hating to walk on grass, water, etc, and walking on heels in such places, as if a fish being uncomfortable on accidentally coming on land or water on land. More so, even others of the symptoms/themes presenting in the provin information were matching quite well.
A seven layered case, and four layers got clear in the beginning itself. The weakly developed lungs on birth gave one of the other important layers. The sixth hidden one got clear somewhat later, with a little difficulty. Despite so good improvements before that, to the point of raising expectations of speech and final cure soon, this one delayed things a bit. Next one came in some time after the sixth one.
The case very rightly shows how the terms like Developmental Delay, Autism, or ADD etc don't matter. What matters is the right selection of remedies, as per properly understanding the symptoms.
Medicines began on September 18, 2013.
The seven layers for the case:
1. Paracanthurus Hepatus LM2
2. Helleborus LM2
3. Boron LM2
4. Capsicum Annuum LM2
5. Thuja LM2
6. Alumina LM2
7. Alumen LM2
(Capsicum Annuum is generally a must needed layer in a right potency, in every case having more deteriorated layers. It binds the layers together.)
(The total fee charged for the case - 415 usd. Medicines were got/ordered by the father himself, from reputed pharmacies.)
(In parents' words, with minor typo/grammatical edits)
(Side by side feedback being posted, in real time)
September 24, 2013
Very surprising, this morning with no prompting and none of us telling, he removed his shorts, ran and sat on pot, and did potty all by himself!! Never happened ever in the past. People around still feel it's a coincidence, as nobody is able to believe 2 doses of a medicine can do this. Whatever it is, I am sure they all will start believing soon...
Also last night when he went to his bed, my mom called out to him saying he forgot to give her good night kiss. He came back from bed to the main hall, gave her a kiss and went back. Shocked to see it myself. Why tell others, even I cannot believe 2 doses will do these changes.
October 2, 2013
He is indeed having surprising changes. For example, last 2-3 days though he is excited seeing the stairs, he is not that much excited. He is controlling himself and is not showing off the excitement now. The attraction is still there, but not as intense as was earlier. No negative effects so far - except that he has become very very naughty :) In the last 2-3 weeks exploring the world himself, slowly starting to, which is a good sign.
I can say he has become slightly more calm, and also slightly more receptive to what we say. What I notice is very different from the normal medicines. Normal medicines will remove symptoms, but now I somehow feel he's curing inside out, not like other medicines. His mind is slightly more calm now I think.
October 5, 2013
Want to share another interesting incident :) Yesterday I locked the bedroom door. He opened it himself, went inside, and saw that it was dark. So he went to the switch board, put the exact switch for the tube light ON, and went inside!! Can I believe my eyes - NO!!
October 10, 2013
Big surprise - today he pedalled on his own his tricycle all around the apartment, outside, in basement, etc, turning the handles appropriately, manoeuvring himself, beautifully reversing it where needed, etc. I am trying to make him pedal for the last one year, and he wont. Now here he is... Can so many changes be a coincident?
October 17, 2013
Yesterday his speech therapist commented that she is seeing a lot of positives in him nowadays. She mentioned that he is now following two step instructions. She even commented that he is now slowly getting all the ingredients for Speech to emerge. She was happy with his progress.
Fifth layer getting in on October 23, 2013, i.e. Thuja LM2.
October 30, 2013
Glad to report that 2 words came in the last 24 hours. He said "Bye bye" before school for the first time ever!! Also took him for a birthday function, and for the first time he mingled with kids, wanted to snatch balloons and even busted 3 balloons. He enjoyed for the first time.
I am just hoping that speech comes out as other aspects are improving very slowly, but steadily.
November 1, 2013
Yesterday his school teacher was excited and happy - because he from ground floor went to the first floor toilet all by himself, opened the door by himself, and did toilet removing shorts cleanly. She said, not even a normal developed 3.9 year old kid won't do this. So, she was thrilled.
November 6, 2013
It's topsy turvy here - with positives and negatives. Some very very old behaviours which had disappeared almost a year back popping up now. Perhaps, as you said - they were only suppressed by other medicines, and hence being cured now. But I can also see positives like his bilateral coordination is much better now - he is using both hands now, drinking milk from a glass using left hand yesterday, etc.
November 11, 2013
His imitation skills are slowly popping up. Hardly any potty accidents in the last several weeks - he even promptly opens the toilet and goes. Yesterday he imitated a turtle and crow nicely, in a cartoon, once by himself. Never repeated when we asked. Hopefully very soon imitation of words will start.
November 19, 2013
On Saturday he went for a long picnic from playschool from 9 am to 5 pm, all alone for the first time. The feedback from teachers was excellent. He climbed many rides, and also was a very good boy as per teachers :)
December 3, 2013
One more good milestone - finally yesterday he started eating food by himself. Though not continuous, but he is more willing to sit and eat by his own hands finally. This is a big step for us. A video for you. Even his therapist is so happy to see this video.
December 26, 2013
We are pretty happy with the progress so far - I can see it is deep though slow progress. He has no potty accidents, eats food on his own now, is feeling hunger and thirst now. Earlier he wont express these. His eye contact is also a lot better. His attention seems to be very slowly improving - though this is the area of concern. Hyperactivity is much lesser than what it was a few weeks back.
February 16, 2014
The positives are pretty slow but certainly happening. But I think we are slowly getting rid of many negatives. He is far more calmer now. All his irritable behaviours are gone. His attention is very slowly improving. His therapist was surprised yesterday that he told 4 words in repetition.
His speech has really not developed yet. But very very rarely words are popping up like I mentioned. There is no speech as such yet.
March 11, 2014
I see good improvements in attention these days. He has started cycling a two wheel cycle (with side-wheels) which is a big improvement for a 4 year old. He is also starting to try to reproduce some words even though rarely. For example, last week he went to my mother and told her the first word of a song which she sings for him and he likes that song. His confidence level for performing physical activities like rope-ladder climbing, climbing on the slide in opposite direction, jumping on trampoline etc, have improved noticeably.
I think where I am yet to see significant improvement is in his speed of learning. I am hoping that will come soon because he is catching up with physical and motor activities quickly, but anything which is standard academics related he is least interested.
So, speech too beginning here, but the basic or initial part.
April 8, 2014
Though I don't see massive changes these days - I am glad there are no side effects, and glad that the changes so far are sticking and not going away. So I am guessing it is working deep within.
June 27, 2014
What I mean by Mouthing is putting fingers in mouth. This happens pretty often with no pattern as such. I was not very worried because it is coming down day after day now.
(The symptom of mouthing fingers was never shared, and that's why the reply in this way, when it came and got asked.)
The sixth layer getting clear finally on July 22, 2014, with a little difficulty, as the symptoms weren't being shown overtly. Even parents were ignoring a few symptoms, and not reporting, as most of the others were resolved already. The concentration on speech yet not there got more, than any hidden symptoms or any other layer still.
August 6, 2014
You saw his professional style cycling now :) (in the video and pic shared). (The cycling even in street, though with side-wheels.)
Sometimes I wonder silently :( - what is wrong with this kid. He takes turns and manoeuvres cycle as big as him - very nicely now, but no words/academics.
August 22, 2014
Another good surprising change is that his chewing is much better. As you know, he never used to chew his food earlier. Now he is doing proper chewing. Also his potty is now almost smell free - may be because his chewing is proper now.
September 2, 2014
He is better. Eating and chewing habits have lot of positive changes. Today for the first time since birth he sat with us and ate himself food in a restaurant. That was good. More calmer now - though seeing staircase he is still excited fairly moderately.

The hyperactivity on seeing staircases came again since some time, though will settle soon finally now. Any layer still left, doesn't let the case go towards cure in totality, (I mean the sixth one, that got clear recently.)
September 10, 2014
He did potty today again (second day in continuity) with no laxatives, and he did not push too much also!! Hope this continues.
The sixth layer that got clear had posed constipation issues too, when it came up. Of course all issues are not mentioned for all layers, though this wasn't mentioned particularly for the word "gut" being such a fashion word in autism circle. Not many can take how constipation can come for any layer when the case is getting solved. Though, these cases too are like "normal" cases, and if any layer has constipation issues, as many medicines/energies in homeopathy has, and that's the symptom chosen by that energy to express in the person, it will come. The treatment and cure of these cases too is like "normal" cases, but with an extraordinary care in finding right medicines, along with right administration principles. Not to mention the added issue of deteriorated layers generally being more.
September 18, 2014
Frequency of potty has now become daily, and some 20% more constipation may be left.
October 26, 2014
He learnt sipping from bottles using straw now! We had been struggling to make him drink with straw and now it happened. His ocd or doing (certain) things repetitively is also less.
November 11, 2014
Hunger is perfect - he now has preference for foods which he never had earlier. He loves Dosa and wants Dosa when someone else eats. On the negative side he throws tantrums and severe anger bouts if he does not get what he wants.
Slightly better interaction nowadays. Also, his comprehension and understanding of environment is slightly better - but due to that on the negative side his anger, brazenness and adamant nature are increasing.
There is a long way to go for his comprehension - for example, I still cannot tell him a 2-3 sentence/story or anything, and he won't understand a thing. Only his normal usage words/sentences he understands.
November 13, 2014
He looks perfect into camera now (for posing for a pic, eye-contact). Never used to do that.
(The pics shared were really good to see.)
November 17, 2014
For the first time ever since his birth, he sat through hair cutting with no fuss yesterday. We were also surprised. Also, he is exhibiting more complicated motor planning skills, like dragging a stool from another room, putting it in front of cupboard, climbing and opening, and searching his toy from top of the cupboard. Never used to do these complex things earlier.
Seventh layer gets in here, on November 23.
December 4, 2014
There is again huge pressure from in-laws to stop all internal medicines. Battling it out. They think "nothing" happened in last one year due to all medicines and "only negatives". Don't worry - just fyi only.
This feedback is put to share how this is generally said by those who leave without solution, that they saw "only negatives", with "no positives". And this then is said by parents themselves, than by others. Despite given repeated assurances of better positives to begin in some time of the deteriorated layers being found (in tougher cases), and of proper cure thereafter, at times parents feel it quite tough to give the requisite one to two years for proper cure. The issue of "new symptoms" that came while further layers open, is also put up fiercely then, said in the way of or directly as negatives again, as in the feedback above. They though then fail to realize, how those layers too were equally behind autism, the one of new symptoms, even if not visible earlier. Thus, it should rather be a happy feeling, that someone is finding them, and leading them towards cure. They fail to see how layers got found out, how the process went, with even some quite tough moments inbetween for a layer or two. Despite this, the urge to run for other methods, with some miracle pill, and not giving a proper time for the solution of the case, is quite strong.
(All this is shared to help rightly, so that it helps other parents.)
February 14, 2015
He's very calm from last two weeks. Pray for us that it continues to get better.
May 26, 2015
His body balance and independence is better slowly. Now he is eating foods on his own - even tearing food items like Dosa and eating on his own. Eating even rice on his own now with minimal help. Daily routines like washing and brushing also he is starting to do independently. We are still waiting for speech to emerge properly, though we get random words very rarely - once a week or so.
October 7, 2015
He continues to have same level of focus and attention issues, though I would say his irritation levels have come down slightly. I am hoping further changes will come with this reduced irritation levels.
Shift to Ayurveda
(After side by side feedback, in real time)
Now the cases are cured by finding proper Major Constitutional Layers, whether one or more.. And not as per general layers..