I'll be Happy to Help You

For the ones looking for cure. The ones who understand the importance of working with calmness and faith.
Please research properly on the information given on site, to gather initial trust.
The method to work supports both online and in person case taking, which can be understood from the cases given on site.
Most of the information needed to solve at least the difficult cases is extracted in writing, which can be extended to simpler ones too, when needed. One gets a reply in twenty four hours most of the times, i.e. during the whole case solution time.
Just submit the initial 'token' Contact Fee (1 usd), and mail Varun to get your cases solved. No fancy listing of diseases and health issues, or specialities, that he can solve this, this and this.

Please submit the token Contact Fee and send a mail. The usual Fee for the case would be charged later, after finding the right remedies:



Tel/Mobile: +91 8360 654687


Address: 41-F, Kitchlu Nagar,
Civil Lines, Ludhiana,
Punjab - 141001, 

For any help related to Covid, along with post-Covid symptoms, the fee is just a nominal one, and is 20 to 30 usd, as per the case, and without any contact fee..

For tougher cases like of Autism, if and when possible, care is taken to give initial contact of any one family at least, whose kid is already getting cured, or have been cured.
Contact in sincerity, than for window-shopping, along with the initial understanding that how case intake and further communication in writing will help so very rightly.
I like to work in an atmosphere of harmony, and with the ones who understand the value of right prescriptions; the ones who work with right patience, in conjunction, to solve the cases..
Paypal payment tab, for payment via card,
or one's paypal account.
Instamojo payment tab, for payment via card or net banking.
One may also ask for upi or account details in mail.
(Contact Fee: Rs 50)