Consultation Fee

After the Contact Fee, in most cases, fee is charged after discussions and full case analysis, when he has found right remedy/remedies already. So one has all the time to think and assess a lot of things, before paying.
As per the case, the fee is on two to five months basis from the ones listed in pay tabs, and for that particular time period in total (not per month)The follow-up fee gets less of course, and is for more time period. It's not any unnecessary big amount, but a very right fee structure.
Medicines can be bought from nearby pharmacies or online, which are never costly. Further, the time wasted in shipping or getting the remedies, is not counted in the fee time.
For any help related to Covid, along with post-Covid symptoms, the fee is just a nominal one, and is 20 to 30 usd, as per the case, and without any contact fee..
Paypal payment tab(s), for payment via card, or one's paypal account. Paypal account holders can even direct their payments to <>, or <>.
Paypal link to pay in other currencies, or a
custom amount. 
Instamojo payment tab for payment via card or
net banking. One may also ask for upi or 
account details, for direct transfer. (The fee is a
little less (a bit), when paid directly in bank account.)