All Layers Case, Autism

This case of Autism Spectrum Disorder is of all layers deteriorated, for unfortunately the wrongs done by some very wrong medicines used by one of the group of homeopaths. It certainly can make one a little skeptic, though that's a sad reality. The ones aware of the things in a better way, would possibly even know on the reasons of all layers getting deteriorated, that too in a kid. The reasons can be understood from my work/book in the right way (sixth chapter).
Medicines began on November 10, 2012, and of course cure too.
I’ll write about two of the layers, including their symptoms, along with proper explanations for reaching to them. So, you’ll have a better idea on them. The feedback from parents too would be provided, telling on their level of satisfaction with the cure process. They came after having quite tough times earlier, from even one more so-called big name.
Putting two of the kid’s layers along with its explanations.
Symptoms (quoted both verbatim as well as otherwise):
Spits on others often. Teeth pains quite marked, particularly dentition was quite difficult. Grinding teeth a lot.
“He breaks planter pots. This is something he does on and off. He just pushed down and broke one planter pot today. Two weeks ago, while we were frantically looking for him after the stay back session at school (most of the school was empty by 4), there he was on the side of the school where mali had kept many planter pots. He broke several of them, and was standing right there waiting to break more. Whatever does that mean? He seems to do this on impulse, and has no regrets about doing it. He will be walking in the corridor normally and out of the blue he'd push down and planter pot, and continue walking as if nothing happened, no guilt what so ever. Pretty bad.”
When one would think on the very theme of the remedy, from parallel thinking, as it’s Rabies nosode, the above story and it’s relation to it comes out quite clearly. A look into Lotus Materia Medica and reckless behaviour as mentioned there, along with spitting often, grinding of teeth, teeth pains in a little special way, confirms the remedy in physicals too. Of course there were other small symptoms too to confirm on the remedy.
Bambusa Arundinacea
Symptoms (both verbatim and otherwise):
Financial worries, despite being a kid. Sluggishness and very slow writing, which can be a test of patience for anyone if making him write. There’s a strange relation with water, which is a trademark of the remedy. Even if there is one drop of water anywhere on his clothes, he wants to change his clothes completely, so he changes clothes around 4-5 times in a day. Tree standing pose, while drinking water, without the position of the hands though. Doing shirshasana quite at times. Stomach pains often.
“He lies on bed hanging his head down either his face toward the bed or away (mostly towards bed), but head pointed towards the floor. Sometimes he is unable to control himself and gets scared and shouts indicating he needs help to get back on the bed. I don't think he uses his hands to support on the floor to prevent his head from hitting the floor and getting hurt.”
The latter story, shirshasana and tree standing pose, particularly hinting at the very nature of Bambusa Arundinacea (Bamboo). The remedy’s strange relationship to water, sluggishness, in writing in particular, financial worries and stomach pains from gastric issues, makes the final selection of the remedy in all surety.
Two links on the remedy to refer to:
1. Bamboo - Homeopathic Proving of Bambusa Arundinacea, Repertory and Cases
2. A Reading of Bamboo
Improvements in the kid of course happening, and sharing with you feedbacks from parents, that explains on their state of mind and level of satisfaction with the process.
"And when we got down from the car with that trophy my husband got, and a fake medal given to all participants, I was joking to my husband that let us just flaunt it as we get down the car, as no one in the street knows ki kitna udaake aaye hain wahan. He was also laughing about it… Definitely shows an improvement in the state of our mind in comparison to the nervous breakdown type situation earlier."
"After knowing the truth about homeopathy, it must be so hard for you to read so many of the posts that people so ignorantly keep posting on various autism facebook pages and saying as if they are so sure even though they are not homeopaths, isn't it? I ask because after being in touch with you, I myself have stopped reading or reacting to many posts that used to previously disturb me or get me excited to try! Thank you so much for everything!"
Certainly, more layers would/were to surface, and then the case would get completely tracked in terms of deteriorated layers, as it's an all-layered deteriorated case. Cure of course happening side by side, and complete cure process after the complete track. As mentioned, more details on the reasons of all layers getting deteriorated can be got from my work, from the sixth chapter.
Things moving quite well in this case. Despite being such a big case, the patience shown by parents too has been exemplary in every way. Sharing another of the layers found later, and how things got to it.
Latrodectus Mactans
The descriptions as on two separate days:
"One other important symptom of today is that he has been bending up his legs on the chair of school, or in the sofa at home, and sitting always like in the foetal position (like here), BUT the same thing in sitting position, not while lying down (though I think I have seen him lying down like this when sleeping I think)."
"Playing in sand (going to swings/sand after every class, forcing me to go downstairs and get him).
Knees still bent up to his chest, feet on chair.
At times squatting on chair and sitting.
Friday and today he has been dangling 'both' legs outside the spiral slide (on the same side of the slide), supporting himself with his hands on the railings on top of the slide. Then not knowing what to do he leaves his hands, sits up and slides down."
The sitting position of legs and folding of legs like a spider is quite marked here. More striking is the taking of legs on one side of the slide, particular to Latrodectus Spider, who walks by stretching out one leg quite a bit at a time. See here. Playing in sand another important indication. Other physicals too easily confirmed on the remedy.